Scotia Floss CBCA 9786

Floss is a great Grandaughter of Peter Gonnet's Moss CBCA 110231. She is my main farm dog,  she is doing a tremendous job! Gentle with the lambs and takes no nonsense from the protective Mama's and Rams,  Very sweet girl. Floss was NEBCA Reserve Ranch Champion in 2017!   Floss has been BAER tested Normal. CERF = Normal.  DNA: Eyes: CEA = Carrier.  IGS-NCL-MD1 Normal TNS=Carrier. Hips=OFA Good. 

Pedigree For Floss



Olive is a daughter of Scotia Tan by Storm (Huthwaite Storm son).  She has an impressive pedigree on her Granddaddy's side.  Olive started on sheep in Fall 2018 at 41/2 months.  I have taken her to sheep once/twice a month since, very keen, which is nice for a youngster. A bit of an "old soul"  not goofy or grippy, does work a little close, but I m she will widen on her own as she gets a little older.  She is a July baby, so will be my Nursery dog for the next couple of years:)

DNA tested by Embark  Clear for TNS/IGS /MDR1/

NCL.  Carrier for CEA.

Pedigree for Olive:




 Scotia Tan is a full sister to Floss.  Tan has a good work ethic & great mind.  Nice way with her sheep.  Looking forward to trialing her in 2018   Tan had a pretty good year on the trial field. some good runs and some not so good, but alway's got the job done! Pro Novice Champion at Wooly Winds Trial.  Pro Novice Champion @ Milferns SDT.  My plan is to spend the winter getting some pace on her.


 DNA tests results: CEA - IGS-NCL-MD1=Normal  TNS = Carrier

CERF = Normal  BAER = Normal .  Hips = OFA Good


Pedigree for Tan

Scotia Sioux 

Sioux is a daughter of Scotia Dotti X Kinloch Zayn. Sioux has a lot to live up to...........   Many successful dogs in her pedigree.


 Sioux is all grown up now, ready for some training /trials in 2018. Sioux exceeded my expectations in her first year of trialing.  She pointed out of Pro-Novice, got one of her Nursery legs and and ended up Triple Crown Champion.  Upwards & onward to Ranch Class in 2019.


A little Sunday Fun with Sioux



Pedigree for Scotia Sioux


DNA tests results: CEA - IGS-NCL-MD1-TNS = Normal




Scotia Fraya.  

Fraya is the daughter of Floss by Scotia Trent.  Fraya is almost a year old now and coming along well in training.  Nice natural out runner, with a nice feel for her sheep.  She is on chore duty at this time learning where to be on her sheep.  Trial training will begin soon.

Fraya got her first leg of Nursery qualifier  at "That'l Do" SDT  this winter, looking forward to a fun summer of trialing in 2018


BAER Tested= Normal CERF tested = Normal DNA tests CEA-IGS-NCL- MDI = Normal TNS = Carrier.  OFA Prelim hips = Excellent



Pedigree for Scotia Fraya

Scotia Iris

Our newest member.  She is a Fraya daughter by Kinloch Zayn she goes back to my old dog Tide (Stuart Davidsons Craig).