You are more than likely visiting this page in search of a Border Collie pup.  I do not have any puppies at this time and probably won't until Spring 2020.  Should that change I will post a "puppy update" here.

However, I do know of a couple of young Border Collies up for adoption to the right homes.  For more information please contact:

 Amy or the Dartmouth SPCA

We are ready to start the search for adoptive homes for Phoebe (smooth) and Rachael (rough) ~ 9 mth old Border Collies.
Phoebe and her sister Rachael were so nervous when they arrived in shelter care they had to be carried in and out for potty breaks and would spend most of their trying to hide from people and the world. Slowly and with the help of some dedicated staff, volunteers and prescription anti-anxiety medication they started to come out of their shells and are now fostering with us.
Both girls accept new people much faster and have more confidence in new situations/environments when paired with another dog, so it is a requirement that potential adopters have another calm or stable dog residing in the home and ideally a fenced in yard.

Phoebe is very sweet natured and always has a wagging tail at home. She loves playing in the back yard with her sister and the other dogs and going for hikes in the woods. Phoebe is still very nervous of getting into vehicles but does settle and is very quiet and calm in her crate even on longer drives Outside of the home Phoebe can still be very timid and needs time and patience to process new environments, sights and sounds. 

Rachael (once comfortable) is a happy girl and loves playing with toys, she will throw them up in the air and pounce on them in delight. Rachael was slow to settle into life in a house but loves playing in the back yard with her sister and the other dogs and going for hikes in the woods. Rachael is quiet and calm in her crate when driving even on longer drives Outside of the home Rachael can initially be timid but is learning to love meeting new doggy friends.



Our aim is to breed a healthy working dog with a great temperament....... Not every Border Collie pup will end up in a working home, so it is important for us when breeding, to select our bitches and males with biddable temperaments to be versatile as a working dog on a farm, or a companion dog for agility or obedience. All of our "Girls" are Hip/Eye/BAER/DNA  checked before breeding. Pups are vet checked, needled, wormed and Micro chipped/tattooed before leaving the farm. All pups are well socialized and handled and have a 2 yr health guarantee for Hip/Eyes and any genetically DNA tested disease.

  • Sadly, we cannot give a health guarantee for diseases that are not DNA testable  at this time. ie:  OCD/EOD/Epilepsy.

  • We recommend you  take out pet insurance your new puppy




Scotia Border Collies Puppy Contract