He has found a wonderful home!"Spark" is now ready for his new home.  Spark stayed here a little longer than his littermates as we think he had a reaction to his first vaccination, so I wanted to make sure he was fine with his booster shot which he has had.   There has been no change in his appetite or energy level, so I am feeling comfortable with him moving on to the next chapter in his life.

Spark is 12 weeks old and growing into a gangly teenager.  Tri colored/short coat.   He is crate trained - house trained, has a sit, lie down, he has traveled several times in the car (in the crate)  and is a very well mannered affectionate pup.   He would like an active home as he likes the outdoors: hiking/herding/agility  

I do apologize for not contacting you if have already enquired about a pup.  I lost my file with Puppy contacts

      Welcome to Scotia Border Collies puppy page             Considering a pup?   Read below..... Here's what you are getting into.


This little pup comes complete with a whole ancestry of genetics already installed.   It has been bred from generations of sheep herding dogs.    It doesn’t know it yet, but those traits will slowly start to evolve in the next few months as the pup starts to grow and mature. 



What does that mean for you?   It means that you are now the owner of a Sheep Herding Machine, programmed to move livestock whether you want it or not.   So deeply embedded that you cannot change the program, however, you can enhance these behaviors and inhibit the less desirable ones. The


This dog is one of the smartest breeds in the world.   It has been bred to think and make choices for itself.   It is extremely good at problem-solving and reading a situation quickly.  When a shepherd sends their dog out to the woods, field or hill to gather sheep for them, these dogs must travel great distances with speed on rough terrain and skillfully go around the sheep without being noticed.  They then sneak up quietly on their “prey” and one by one bring each sheep into the fold as a group and convince each individual to travel with them back to the shepherd.    A medium-sized dog that can move 100+ animals that are more than triple his size, is not a dog to be taken lightly. The selected traits used for herding livestock, come directly from the dog’s ability to hunt.   Do not underestimate your dog’s propensity to kill animals.


The Border Collie can be a great companion animal as well however, you cannot ever forget what it was originally bred to do.  These dogs enjoy and require a fairly active lifestyle.   They are not happy to just hang out all day and do nothing.  With exercise for their bodies, they also need the same for their minds.   They need something to do.   If you do not provide them with a project, they will find their own and you may not like their choice. 

So as you unwrap your new BC puppy and say how cute it is and snuggle up to him, please think about the future.    Everything you do and allow this puppy to do now will stay with them for their lifetime. They are learners and thinkers.   Anything that you would not like your adult dog to do, please do not accept it when they are puppies. (No matter how cute it is)


A puppy jumping up on your legs to greet you makes you feel great.   This little puppy loves me.  Now picture the adult dog version of this behavior.  They can jump a lot higher and with a lot more strength. It’s not as cute, and now it’s become a habit.   Maybe you don’t mind your dog jumping up to greet you.  However, think about everyone else you meet in the future.   Someone dressed up, an elderly person, a small child perhaps they are not going to like that type of greeting.   You cannot expect your dog to differentiate.

As your pup is the ultimate herding breed, they will soon test these skills.  Such as nipping your ankles and chasing you, your kids, wildlife and balls.    They have a high prey drive and movement is intoxicating to this breed.  Things that move quickly will set your puppy into motion.  It is important that you never let your pup nip at you, stop all movement, and correct the pup.   Young children are especially vulnerable to the antics of a BC pup.   They are lively and animated, have high pitched voices, and are usually holding food or a toy. Do not leave children unattended with a Border collie pup.


Your pup will learn quickly, both good and bad things.  With these dogs, you must stop bad behavior immediately.   Doing something successfully a couple of times is all it takes for it to become a habit.  The good thing is they learn quickly and love to be taught new things.   Teach your pup manners from the very start.  Sit, lie down, stay, and here.   Those 4 commands taught properly will be your keys to unlock a great dog.

Keep in mind that because these dogs are bred to control large groups of livestock, they like to control whatever they can.   Toys, cats, other dogs, children, leaves, even ants, vacuums, brooms, bikes, and cars.  If it moves, they will try to stop it.   This presents issues with other dogs at times.  It also presents very large problems with cars.  Chasing habits are something you want to stop right away.   Please be careful with how much ball and toy throwing you do with your dog.    They can not help themselves, if you throw it, they will chase it and they do not know when they are tired and should stop.   Therefore, you must make that judgment for them.

The more exercise you give these dogs, the more exercise they require.  These dogs require a daily outing, but also, they require a job or a task that makes them use their brains.    They excel in dog sports.   Agility, fly ball, dock diving, scenting, obedience, dog tricks.  Teach your pup to walk politely on leash, sit and wait for his meal to be put down, sit, and stay for a leash to be put on.


We recommend that you:

  • Crate train your pup. This keeps him safe as well as your household.

  • Use a long line when on hikes, until your dog has a reliable recall.

  • Be firm but fair in your training. Consistency is the key

  • This is not a fur baby. It is a dog with an agenda

  • Do not let the dog become obsessive with a toy or an activity



Our aim is to breed a healthy working dog with great temperament....... Not every Border Collie pup will end up in a working home, so it is important for us when breeding, to select our bitches and males with biddable temperaments to be versatile as a working dog on a farm or a companion dog for agility or obedience. All of our "Girls" are Hip/Eye/BAER/DNA  checked before breeding. Pups are vet checked, needled, wormed, and Microchipped/tattooed before leaving the farm. All pups are well socialized and handled and have a 2 yr health guarantee for Hip/Eyes and any genetically DNA tested disease.

  • Sadly, we cannot give a health guarantee for diseases that are not DNA testable at this time. ie:  OCD/EOD/Epilepsy.

  • We recommend you take out pet insurance for your new puppy.

        Scotia Border Collies Puppy Contract

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