A very proud Sioux!  Triple Crown Pro Novice Champion. Thanks to all the Trial Organizers: Sheri Purcell, Helen Dunning(Swaledale), Kevan Gretton and Kim Gretton, Viki Kidd (Shepherds Crook) Cynthia Lucas Palmer and John Palmer (Indian River) And all the many helpers that make the trial run so smoothly, the trials would not happen without you! What a super week of trialing and great competitors and food.

Congratulations to Brenda Buja & Scotia Josie on winning the NEBCA Finals 2016 Ranch class &  "The Long Road" award!


Herding Lessons

We offer sheep herding lessons for people who would like to see if their dog has the instinct to do what it

was originally bred for.     Although no one does it better than a border collie, we are open for anyone that has a herding breed dog.

Well dogged sheep are a must to help train beginner dogs and handlers.  We maintain a small flock just for this purpose.   We choose sheep for your dog's particular skill level and as you and your dog progress, "real" sheep are added into the mix. 


Beginning lessons  start with manners and respect for the sheep.  Dogs are introduced  on a long line and are expected to have some self control and obedience.  " Lie down" and " recall" are two of the most important things for your dog to have before walking into a sheep environment.   Sheep are not dog toys.

Individual lessons are adapted to your dog's ability and usually consist of two short sessions.  Length of time depends on your dog's stamina and concentration level.   Lessons are offered by Heather Soper.    Heather has 3 Scotia Border Collies of her own that she has raised and trained for farm, island and trial work.

If you are interested in lessons, feel free to contact Scotia Border Collies or Heather directly at: joethedog22@gmail.com 

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